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What I Can Do For You

Summarize your data or documents

If you have large amounts of data or documents, it can be useful to have a summary created. I can use Data Science to automatically summarize large amounts of data.

Tell your future

I can use Data Science to create forecasts based on the data you provide me. Want to know the odds that your sales numbers will continue to rise?

Build your custom software solution

I have experience writing custom software to solve many business needs. Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Deploy your analytics or ETL solution to the cloud

Do you have analytics or ETL software that you would like to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? I can help you.

Help you with something unique

Is your need not listed? Contact me and we can discuss your need and what I can do for you.

About Me

I pride myself on my ability to write solid, well documented, and fully tested software. With the projects that I have worked on, my software has not only needed withstand users, it has also needed to be able to withstand scrutiny in court. As a result, I take writing quality code very seriously.

Over the last few years, I have worked on creating a platform to revolutionize the way that investigators (of all kinds) explore unstructured data, primarily in the form of text documents. I did this by taking advantage of the latest technologies and techniques in information retrieval and natural language processing. I also created a simple yet powerful language that allows investigators to ask deeper questions of the data.

The end result of all of that effort is a system that allowed a forensic accounting team, of just two people, to go through a collection of over 500,000 documents and find emails that allowed them to receive $4,000,000 in damages for their client. The original target was only $250,000.



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Web Applications


Practical Packaging For Machine Learning Solutions - Video - Suggested ways in which standard Python packaging tools can improve the way we share and deploy Machine learning projects.

toolz Lightning Talk - Introduction to the toolz package for Python.

text2math - Demonstrated how to write a simple ngram parser using Python.


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